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A lot of my friends are amazed when they learn that I do not actually support gay marriage. After all, I’m gay, shouldn’t I support equal rights for gays?

Well, in short, I do. After all, I don’t support straight marriage either. At least not government-sanctioned marriage.

Marriage is a contract between the couple and their deity/ies.  Marriage is until death, and violation of the marriage (divorce) is to break a contract with their deity.  Sanctified, Holy Matrimony.  And, as we all know, the the founding fathers intended church and state to be separate.

So yeah, in all honesty, this whole gay marriage debate really shouldn’t be happening. The government has no reason to be declaring who can and who cannot get married, nor issuing any marriages.

What that leaves for the government is a civil, domestic partnership. Or perhaps a domestic co-op. Any time a group of individuals come together in an attempt to act as one household, whether this group be husband and wife, or a gay couple, lesbian couple, or even two or more individuals who are in no way romantically affiliated with one another but still live together and function cohesively, they should be allowed certain allowances in the legal system. With provisions for what to do in case the household dissolves or if it is known in advance it is only a temporary situation.

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