Corbin Fisher Responds to Allegations

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Recently, the gay blogosphere has been ablaze with the seeming controversy of Corbin Fisher v. Illegal Porn Downloaders.
Sites such as “Unicorn Booty” and “Queerty” have declared war on Corbin Fisher, claiming that by suing the illegal downloaders, they pose the risk of outing gay teens, who may then commit suicide.
When first reading on this case, I admit, it gave me pause. Allegations such as these must be taken seriously. Especially in the wake of last fall, where one would have had to live under a rock to have missed the mini-epidemic of teen suicide.
However, in all these articles I did find something missing. Namely, these articles felt as if the journalists viewed making a name for themselves as being more important than actually getting the story straight.
In an effort to do just that, I emailed Corbin Fisher’s lawyer, Marc J. Randazza. Within five minutes, my phone was ringing as he called to answer my questions and to give me the other side of the story.
Mr. Randazza painted the picture of a small business with only twenty five employees – both gay and straight. Employees who depend on their income to support themselves and their families.
While he admits these employees are unlikely to kill themselves if they have to lose their job, it can hardly be considered fair that they would be forced out of work due to some people who don’t want to pay for porn and are too good for free sites.
Mr. Randazza described the thought put into the decision to go after the illegal downloaders. They conducted various board meetings, as they weight the consequences of their actions. They hired a sex researcher, to estimate the probability of their actions having a negative effect. And they looked at the money lost – money that could have gone to their employees. Which, in today’s harsh economy, job security is a very important issue.
“One of our DVD’s only sold 800 copies, however we found over 11000 copies illegally downloaded on just one site!”
When asked how likely it was the lawsuits would out gay teens, Mr. Randazza replied that it was less likely than a parent checking the web history and seeing Unicorn Booty or other gay site come up.
So kids, remember – don’t pirate. And always clear your web history.

  1. Benji says:

    This is a problem with all websites that have videos available for download, and every company that does this has to deal with this!

    Two solutions: 1) Don’t post online, make them buy the physical DVD. or 2) Make the website more secure, find other solutions to the problem, as other sites have had to do.

    Don’t just believe these people, this is a frickin’ porn business, shady at best.

    Porn is all too accessible to minors, but can’t be helped. I didn’t have the internet when I was a kid, but our parents had porn mags and we “borrowed” those. Don’t think kids won’t use their parents computers to get porn!

    AND know this: all teenagers are horned up and those who find themselves attracted to the same sex and who have to live in the closet WILL find porn and it is those very teenagers that are the most vulnerable. Some of the 40,000 they want to sue will turn out to be these teenagers and harm will come to some of them if CF pursues this lawsuit and sues these people. The teenagers most likely don’t know the computer can be tracked, nor that a lawsuit would affect them.


    • Jared says:

      So, by that logic anyone who leaves their front door unlocked and gets robbed shouldn’t press charges because their house was not secure enough?

      Even if they make people by physical DVDs, they are just as likely to get pirated. Piracy effects every form of media. Go to and enter in a random movie title. Whether offered by the company online or not, it’s still pirated and available online.

      If teens want free porn, tell them to hit up xtube. We shouldn’t give them a free pass to illegally STEAL content just because they are gay. We want equal treatment, not special treatment.

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